Meet the Bonobos

There are over 64 bonobos being kept safe, well and happy at Lola ya Bonobo Sanctuary, of all ages and sizes.  It’s a big job but the bonobos are worth it!

 Beyond the nursery for infant and juvenile orphans, there are three main enclosures where the bigger bonobos live. When the newer arriving orphan babies are big enough, they will take the brave step to join the bonobos in these enclosures to meet their new families!

A testament to the happy lives the bonobos at Lola live comes from the fact that many females have succeeded in starting their own familes at the Sanctuary….we now have a wonderful mix of bonobos from all ages, including the cutest of babies. Despite their difficult starts, the orphans grow up into well adjusted adults and make excellent mothers….below you will see a few of Lola’s characters! They all need your help…

3958b9_c3b60da4deaea50d4745de4548a14e27Lisala, the smartest bonobo in Lola, & her daughter Nyota

Lisala’s one smart and sassy bonobo! This firendly and highly intelligent female is now a mother to the beautiful little Nyota. Lisala and her daughter have such fun together, goofing about and making fun. Nyota’s got her mothers eyes and inquistive spirit. A very cute mama and daughter pair they make.


 Maya, wise mother & her sons, Bisengo & Mayele

Maya is one the oldest and w3958b9_db539045adce4c76aa45c45b2b1fc78cisest members of Lola ya Bonobo Sanctuary. Maya was one of the first bonobos to be resuced by Claudine and was among the first females to give birth at Lola. A strong and intelligent alpha female, as well as a loving and protective mother, Maya does her best for her sons. Her eldest son, Bisengo, is a friendly young male, always ready to give a hug to those feeling down and to play with those who are up for a giggle. Her next son, Mayele, is the little prince of Lola- he loves to play with everyone, young and old!