Adopt Lalia

Date of Arrival: April 3, 2015
Origin of the seizure: Kinshasa
Circumstances: Victim of bushmeat trade
Sex: Female
Year of birth: 2014

Arrived April 3, 2015, this little female of barely 1 year and a half was seized from an individual in Kinshasa. Victim of the bushmeat trade, she arrived undernourished, traumatized, frightened by men and covered with ticks because hanging outside with a chain much heavier than her neck.

Her surrogate mother gave her confidence in the human through her tenderness, patience and devotion. Today, Lalia is still very attached to her but is much more independant and will be soon ready to integrate a social group.

Very strong character dominated by curiosity! She is very playful and you can see her clapping her hands on the floor with excitement.


If you would like to adopt Lalia or make a donation, please fill out this Information Sheet and email it to