A new orphan: Bolafa

The little orphan, which our team of Ekolo Ya Bonobo named Bolafa, is a little male of 2 or 3 years at the most. After a long journey, brilliantly orchestrated by our logistician Jackal, Bofala is with our team on the site of Ekolo ya Bonobo pending his transfer to Kinshasa. Vea, one of our trackers, temporarily serves as a surrogate mother, but it is urgent that he is transferred to the sanctuary Lola ya Bonobo to join his surrogate mother Niclette and the other orphans in the nursery!

But the road is still long: 20 hours of canoe separate Bolafa from Mbandaka, then the plane transport to the capital .. We still have to raise 3,000 euros to organize his trip to the Sanctuary in Kinshasa.

With your support, Bolafa will be able to join the Lola Ya Bonobo Sanctuary where he will be taken care of by our veterinary team to provide him with all the necessary care. He will join his surrogate mother Niclette and, after a short quarantine, will go to the nursery of the sanctuary where he will socialize with the other orphans: Lalia, Bikoro, Lutula, Balangala, and Kwango. After a few years, he will be able to join one of the groups evolving in semi-freedom in several hectares of forest while awaiting his reintroduction in a natural environment in the community forest of Ekolo where he will return to the wild state.
If you would like to help Bolafa or make a donation, please fill out this Information Sheet and email it to bonobosuk@gmail.com