How to adopt a Bonobo

Adopt little orphaned bonobo for just £10 a month. Or another bonobo.

100% of your adoption goes directly to the orphanage Lola Ya Bonobo in DRC to secure food and care of little Kinzia or the bonobo of your choice. You will support our efforts to keep Kinzia alive and happy, until she can grow to an adult and become part of a bonobo family.


If you would like to adopt a bonobo or make a donation, please fill out this Information Sheet and email it to

 For your adoption you will receive:

  •  A certificate of your adopted bonobo
  • A photograph of your adoptee
  • A summary of your adoptee’s story, their character and some ofthingsthey like to get up to
  • A news update of your adoptee every 6 months with updated photos

 or make a donation and receive a Donation Certificate!!

We will send you a personalised Donation certificate ofor all donations over £25. A perfect gift to give someone!

Please use our Donate page and email your contact details for where you’d like to receive your Certificate to

 or become a Bonobo Sponsor!!

Become a bonobo sponsor for just £5 a month. 100% of your donation will be spent on rescuing, fostering and rehabilitating bonobos at the Lola Ya bonoboa sanctuary in DRC. As a sponsor you will receive our newsletter with updates.

Help these remarkable and beautiful creatures that need your help!